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As a sorority, we strive to instill passion into our members; 

Passion for arts, different careers, women's equality,

and other fields unique to individual sisters.


As of today, our sorority lives strong with only 67 sisters that have been graced with our sacred letters. We firmly believe in the "quality over quanitity" mantra and strive to develop women that leave a lasting impact on their community. What our sorority lacks in numbers is over compensated ten fold in impact. 


Our sisters are incredibly active in different communities. Many of our sisters exhibit local, statewide, and even national recognition and leadership.  Our sorors are incredibly well-rounded and we are involved and highly recognized in many organizations on the Washington State University campus.


We take pride in our sisterhood and the everlasting impact we strive to leave everywhere we go.

Global Perspective

Many of our sisters have developed their global perspective

through travel. Between leisurely adventures, charity trips, and general relocations, our sisters have left their marks on five of the seven continents, 27 countries, and almost all 50 states!

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