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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I become a member of CDS?

Reach out to us! The Lovely Sisterhood of Chi Delta Sigma Sorority does not participate in "formal rush" through the Washington State University Panhellenic Council, so it is very important for interested ladies to reach out to our organization if they want to join. During recruitment, our sorority will hold informationals, coffee hours, ice cream nights, and other meet-and-greet activities for ladies to meet our active sisters. Interested ladies will then be able to fill out an application to join and ladies that are invited to begin the process to join will receive a bid. 


  • What is a Bid?

It's an official invitation for individuals to become a member of our sorority. A bid is not initiation to our organization nor an official binding offer as a recipient has the choice to accept or decline our offer. 


  • Do you have to be Asian/Pacific Islander to join?

No. It is not required to be of Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) decent and we would like to emphasize that we are an AAPI-Interest sorority, not AAPI-exclusive. We encourage all who believe in our purpose and are interested in our organization to reach out to us. 


  • Does CDS participate in stepping?

We consciously choose not to step out of respect to the historic background stepping plays for other greek organizations. However, CDS does have an award-winning stroll team.


  • Does CDS haze?

No. The Lovely Sisterhood of Chi Delta Sigma Sorority has a strict non-hazing policy. We believe in the empowerment of womxn and do not subject our womxn to hazing.


  • How much does recruitment/dues cost?

Dues vary year to year, depending on how many sisters are active at the time. If you have specific recruitment questions, please reach out to our current educator, Kaylah Blas at .

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